Fast paced boxing, kickboxing and MMA circuit classes. You practice the sport under the guidance from top notch trainers and coaches. Get fit, tone your muscles, learn self-defence and master the sport in an inclusive environment. Work on your skills and technique. Develop your agility, endurance, strength and stamina. Choose for non-, semi or full contact. We offer classes for yooth and adults. Fun and exciting for beginners, challenging for advanced members.


Yooth Kickboxing

Come play and learn kickboxing, starting from the age of 6, with your new friends at the Buddho gym. During fun games you’ll learn the basic techniques and in the meanwhile you train your agility and stamina.
During fun games you’ll learn the basic techniques and in the meanwhile you train your agility and stamina.


An hour of intermediate and advanced kickboxing that focuses on all the elements key to a kickboxer’s performance: power, agility, core, stamina, rhythm.
Great for intermediate and advanced kickboxers. Beginners can join as well but be aware it’s a semi- to full contact class. Only join these classes if you feel confident enough and already did some boxing bag classes.
Get fit, tone your muscles and learn self-defence in an inclusive environment.


We are in love with thethe old school boxing nostalgia. Expect partner drills, reaction drills and real life boxing scenarios. A class for the intermediate and advanced boxers amongst us. A gumshield is required.
Our seasoned and passionate boxing coaches looking forward meeting you! Hands up, chin down!

Boxing bag training

Buddho Tip: perfect class for beginners to get acquinted with terms like jab, cross, hook, spinning back fist en de ‘superman punch’.

A true beasting incorporating bagwork drills and body weight exercises. Get stronger, get tougher. The boxing bag training is great for building and/ or improving:

  • strength & stamina
  • Physic
  • technique
  • endurance

Your opponent is a boxing bag and during this class you learn the skills, train your technique and get in shape. Fast. No phisical contact with others so perfect for who wants an introduction to the sport without the fear of getting hurt.


Mix Martial Arts a.k.a. MMA is a combination of a diverse range of fighting disciplines. Thai/ kickboxing, Judo, wrestling and grappling.

Master the art of MMA. Standing on your feet and on the ground. A divers, complex and complete sport.

Here at Buddho MMA classes cover a mixture of striking, clinch work, takedowns, throws, ground striking and submissions.

  • Like all our classes as well as giving you great technique our MMA classes will push your cardio.
  • Whether you are a complete beginner or have experience in other disciplines and are looking for a new way to train, these classes will give you everything you need to progress in this exciting sport.
  • Develop yourself into a more complete fighter.

Or to become more knowledgeable in self-defence.



Parent and kid kickboxing workshops

Parent- and kid training is the perfect way to spend some quality time with each other.

A fun and educational way to get rid of excessive energy and learn all about lost, defeat and to build up resillience.

Making fun is the most important, of course.