Pricing Boxing, kickboxing & MMA

All in contract

37,50 p/month – Youth < 15 year old, 6 months contract

49,50 p/month – 6 months contract

69,50 p/month – monthly cancellation

10 lessons ride pass

93,00 per 10-Lessons ride pass – valid for 5 months

Cold feet Deal

Learn the basics safe, quick & easy

223,50 150,-

Receive 3 private lessons from an experienced coach. You'll work together in your own pace on your own training goals. An one moth unlimited groups training is included. Only possible in combo with an subscription.

You pay a one time registration fee of 20,- Beginners can rent boxing gloves and shin guard for 4,- per lesson.

Ye, this will only cost you 5,- Without obligations. Easily discover if training at Buddho is something for you!

Yes, you can. Private lessons starts from 60,- p/hour. The exact pricing depends on duration, wishes and the number of attendees. Contact us for a quote.

Yes, it will cost you 15,- per lesson and you have to pay up-front. The first lesson is only 5,-.

The duration of a subscription is 6 months. After this period your subscription will be automatically extended but you are able to terminate the contract with a one month noitice. Do you not want a subscription? Sign-up for a monthly contract for 60,- p/month

The notice period of a subscription is one (1) month. Do you terminate your subscribtion at the end of the month? In that case you’re allowed to train till the end of the upcoming month.

Yes we do, We can arrange something for your friend, family or as an business arrangement. We will tailer this to your personal needs and wishes.

The Buddho feeling

Fighting with respect for your opponent.

Everybody is equal at Buddho. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, expat or a labour class worker. Regardless of religion, gender or race.